The Masters XXlX

August 7th, 8th, and 9th 2014

This Year's Match is a Trophy Match Only

All three events will be running

Shooters can enter any or all three classes, Master, Sportsman,
and/or Revolver for $50 a Class.

2013 Masters Shooting Championship
Final Results

Doug Koenig - Master

Greg Peine - Sportsman Champion

Jackie Bullock - Lady Master

Coby Hoag - Junior Master

2013 Scores are Available Here


The Masters is an international shooting competition in its 25th year. It consists of three
events. The first is the Handgun Action Event. This event consists of three separate

stages with five steel targets on each. The targets vary in size, shape, and distance. Each of the three stages are shot 3 times for a total of 45 targets. This event uses centerfire pistols that have a minimum caliber of .32 and a minimum USPSA powerfactor of 125. Both revolvers and pistol can be used.

The second event is the Handgun Long Range Event. This event consists of three stages with 5 steel plates on each stage set at different heights and different distances out to 200 meters. Each stage is shot from different positions (Standing, Freestyle and Standing & Freestyle). This event uses any pistol or revolver with a barrel length less than 15 inches. Ammunition must be no less than 6mm.

The third event is Handgun Precision Event. This event consists of rimfire.22 caliber rimfire pistol or revolvers against Olympic Biathlon style targets from 25 meters out to 50 meters. The targets are engaged in three stages with targets set at different distances.

All sponsorship contributions will go 100% to competitor prizes. Match production costs will be covered by competitor entry fees.

Competition classes are divided into Master, Sportsmen, and Stock Class. Stock Class means ordinary store-bought, factory-production, regular over-the-counter guns with tuned-up original-equipment parts only, no add ons or accessories. Optical sights can be used for only two Events in Stock Class. So if you like to play hard, shoot twice! Shoot high end Masters Open Class custom guns, and then shoot again with stock guns. Prizes for both categories.

Direct all questions regarding The Masters to: Masters CEO Lee Atkins (573) 221-7879 / or Match Director Larry Stuhlman (573) 769-2500 / 769-3949/